Royal Tokaji 5 puttonyos aszú

With a golden yellow colour and aromas that conjure up shrivelled grapes and raisins, this is a richly fruity aszú wine with fig, grape and peach. Nice botrytis notes, exciting acidity, fresh and substantial appearance.

2100 Ft / 0,1 l
13.500 Ft / 0,5 l

Csanádi Kadarka Rozé, Hajós-Bajai

100% Kadarka harvested for a rosé, made in steel tanks. A fresh, taught wine with vibrant acidity, delicious grape and blackberry nose and palate, with a long, refreshing finish.

640 Ft / 0,1 l
4800 Ft / 0,75 l

Göncöl Száraz Szamorodni, Tolcsva

The fresh, contemporary face of szamorodni: light and elegant with the distinctive notes from the partly botrytised grapes harvested together with late harvest grapes, plus quince and honey flavours. A Furmint grown on volcanic soil, fermented to dry in 210-litre Erdőbénye barrels and aged for 24 months. A touch of residual sugar rounds it out.

1290 Ft / 0,1 l
6450 Ft / 0,5 l

Sauska Rosé , Villány

“Strawberry, rose hip and hibiscus on the nose, buoyant acids, pomegranate, cherry and citrus fruit. It’s spicy, round and refreshing,” says winemaker Balázs Hága. A vivacious, elegant rosé into which all the grape varieties of the estate were put. Reductive, long ageing on the fine lees, early-December bottling.

9750 Ft / 0,75 l

Oremus Édes Szamorodni, Tokaj

Five villages, seven varieties, nine vineyards from a vintage that was great for botrytis. Honey and dried apricot on the deep nose, with a touch of pollen. Vibrant palate with delicious sweetness, complex, long acids with 65g/l of residual sugar.

1170 Ft / 0,1 dl
8500 Ft / 0,5 l

Etyeki Kúria Rosé , Etyek

A fresh rosé made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Kékfrankos. Grapes and fresh berry fruit on the nose, strawberry and redcurrant. Crispy with elegant acidity and a long finish. An exciting, multi-flavoured, subtly dry wine.

720 Ft / 0,1 l
5350 Ft / 0,75 l


Csanádi Sauvignon Blanc, Hajós-Bajai

The ripe grapes were harvested from the young Alföld (Great Plain) winemaker’s Császártöltés estate, and reductively vinified. It’s fresh with citrus, nettle aromas, and lively, with taught acidity. Classic Sauvignon Blanc notes on both the nose and the palate. Lively, vivacious, full of flavours.

620 Ft / 0,1 l
4650 Ft / 0,75 l

Sauska Tokaj Sárgamusk otály, Tokaj

Muscaty grape and flowers on the elegant, restrained nose. Vibrant and exciting palate. 100% Sárgamuskotály from Mád and Rátka, fermented in tanks and aged for 5 months. A touch of sugar, good acids, vivacious, light palate.

900 Ft / 0,1 l
6750 Ft / 0,75 l

Légli Riesling, Balatonboglár

Muscaty grape and flowers on the elegant, restrained nose. Vibrant and exciting palate. 100% Sárgamuskotály from Mád and Rátka, fermented in tanks and aged for 5 months. A touch of sugar, good acids, vivacious, light palate.

960 Ft / 0,1 l
7180 Ft / 0,75 l

Gilvesy Sauvignon Blanc, Badacsony

Pronounced grapefruit on the nose with New World notes also appearing. The rich acids make the palate zesty, while the exciting minerality coming from the basalt of the Szent György-hegy defines the finish. Rounded out by 2 grams of residual sugar. Low alcohol, vibrant acids, superb sipping.

1080 Ft / 0,1 l
8060 Ft / 0,75 l

Ruppert Chardonnay, Villány

A dignified bottle and packaging that suggests a big wine. After uncorking, comes the deep golden colour, with clove, punch and cinnamon on the nose. It’s like a fairytale Christmas wine. Subtly oaky, toasted notes, substantial, round and flavoursome palate, built on great acidity. Chardonnay is like this from the Rupperts’ sunny and hot Diósviszló plot.

8760 Ft / 0,75 l

Nyakas Irsai Olivér, Tök

One of the year’s first new wines is Nyakas Pince’s fresh and aromatic Irsai. Greenish, silvery colour, then Muscat-like, primary aromas, as if we’re smelling the must. Light and zesty on the palate. Juicy and thirst-quenching.

740 Ft / 0,1 l
5550 Ft / 0,75 l


Gere Kopar, Villány

One of Hungary’s most well-known wines, made from three grape varieties, from the selected crop of four vineyards, from the best vintages. Deep colour, black core, purplish, youthful rim. Full, layered fruitiness, raspberry, blackberry, sour cherry. Beside the fruit, there’s the still intense barrel notes that will nicely integrate with time. Rich, complex, spicy palate.

15600 Ft / 0,75 l

Heimann Bikavér, Szekszárd

A fiery Bikavér from a cooler vintage into which the grapes meant for the premium wines were also added. The base is Kékfrankos, which is coloured by Kadarka, Merlot and Franc and made special by the 7% of Sagrantino. Owing to the 18 months of ageing, it became a harmonious, vibrant Bikavér with lots of flavours, pristine purity and a long fruity palate.

1330 Ft / 0,1 l
9980 Ft / 0,75 l

Sauska Cuvée 7 Siklós, Villány

Merlot (70%) and Cabernet Franc (30%). Deep red, intense and elegant nose. Chocolate, subtle oak, blackcurrant, blueberry, prune and candied sour cherry. Velvety and elegant palate.

14.850 Ft / 0,75 l

Thummerer Tréfli, Eger

A blend of six grape varieties fermented to sweet. Its ripe fruity sweetness and 45 grams of residual sugar come from the overripe Eger grapes, which were also responsible for its very low alcohol content of 11%.

1170 Ft / 0,1 l
8730 Ft / 0,75 l

Ikon Merlot, Rádpuszta

A young wine with a deep purple colour and medium body. Discreet fruity aromas, eucalyptus, buoyant fruitiness and good acidity. It soon opens up. Nicely-built tannin structure, generous Merlot notes and great balance from ageing in steel tanks and resting in the bottle. A dry red from the southern side of Balaton that’s pleasantly fruity and spicy on the finish.

760 Ft / 0,1 l
5700 Ft / 0,75 l

Ruppert Portugieser, Villány

Only made in good years when the Portugieser ripens to perfection, and, was such a year. Purplish, deep colour, mature, a pure fruit bomb. Its tannin structure rounded out perfectly on the fine lees in tanks. Long on the finish.

870 Ft / 0,1 l
6500 Ft / 0,75 l

Weninger Kékf rankos, Sopron

The biodyamic Kékfrankos of the Weningers’ Hungarian estate. Stony soil, spontaneous barrel fermentation followed by a year of ageing. Ruby colour with a purplish rim, sour cherry, green herbs on the exciting nose. Good acidity, juicy palate with sour cherry.

6980 Ft / 0,75 l

Heimann Merlot, Szekszárd

A fresh and fruity direction: crispy berries reign both the nose and the palate, rounded out by the ageing in large barrels, and subtly framed by the red and black fruit of the variety. A spicy mouthful with good tannin structure. A medium-bodied, complex and vibrant, big barrel-aged Szekszárd Merlot.

960 Ft / 0,1 l
7180 Ft / 0,75 l

Szeleshát Pinot Noir, Szekszárd

The wine of the older French clones from Szeleshát’s plateau and the virgin vintage of the freshly planted German clones from the Kesztőc vineyard were bottled together for the first time. “We seek the Burgundy style where the play between fruitiness and acidity leads the wine, rather than the tannins,” says winemaker László Krajcsovszki. Fresh Pinot Noir character, floral, lacy, enjoyable and fresh. zesty and vibrant with good acidity.

7180 Ft / 0,75 l

Szemes Cabernet Sauvignon, Villány

Mature, deep ruby red colour. Sour cherry liqeuer, punch and a touch of poppy seed on the nose. Ripe sour cherry, almond cake flavours with a touch of coffee on the finish. A medium- bodied, genuine, wine that retained its acidity. The cocoa powder feel of the tannins is also likeable. A classic Villány red with oak notes.

1020 Ft / 0,1 l
7630 Ft / 0,75 l